1. How to check Live Cryptocurrency Prices?

You can be able to check the prices of more than 300 well-known and emerging cryptocurrencies that are supported on CoinSwitch with more than 45,000 possible currency combinations, an exhaustive portfolio. Be it tracking the day-to-day and even hour-to-hour trends of the volatile and fluctuating cryptocurrency price values, the platform gives you information in real-time by analysing live cryptocurrency charts aggregated from the top exchanges in the world so that you can invest transparently and securely.

A good thumb rule in trading is to compare, check and track the live cryptocurrency price before you decide. On the CoinSwitch platform, even a new-trader is armed with the tools to access contextual information when accessing the list of cryptocurrencies by market cap and tracking the cryptocurrency charts.

2. What are the top cryptocurrencies to invest?

Picking a winner in the cryptocurrency market for a short-term investment would be folly as with the underpinning technology testing of its applications is across sectors. It is not wise to measure the performance of a favourite coin against their local currency (the US Dollar or Euro) and instead measure your coin’s performance against Ethereum, the top currency in the market right now. Trends are moving towards better performing altcoins of these established coins such as Litecoin, Ripple, VeChain and the rest in the top cryptocurrencies list giving you a fair idea of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.

If you are beginning to creating a portfolio, it is better to include the best performing coins to set a benchmark and avoid risking the purchase of a lesser known currency. To best manage, divide your assets into your coin wallet – buy low, hold, track projections and sell high. Research on the latest updates about the coin combined with the real-time view of price values gives your decisions accuracy and long-term investment insights. CoinSwitch gives you all that and much more!

3. How to exchange cryptocurrencies?

To buy, sell, trade or exchange cryptocurrencies, you need to have a cryptocurrency wallet address. This digital wallet is where your coins will be stored, and as a rule, each coin has its official wallet client. This wallet address signifies a randomly generated combination of digits and letters that comes to you with your unique private key for this coin’s wallet. Once you have your wallet address, you can use it to send or receive money from other traders after tracking the best price aggregated from the top cryptocurrency trade exchanges in the world.

CoinSwitch doesn’t provide wallet addresses, never stores user deposits or asks for this unique key. You can use CoinSwitch’s intuitive and straightforward interface designed for traders, new and experienced, to seamlessly buy cryptocurrency in USD or Euro, exchange crypto to crypto or convert cryptocurrencies to your desired coin. For all available digital coins/cryptocurrencies on CoinSwitch, the exchange process is similar. Click  here  to view our exchange guide.