What is AppCoins (APPC)?
Future of APPC Cryptocurrency and know how to buy APPC

#1: What are AppCoins?

  1. With the upgradation and the proliferation of smartphone technology in urban lifestyles, there’s rapid development across various related fields in diverse forms. Innovations in app downloads, in-app purchases, and ads through distribution channels or app-stores are gaining pace.
  2. App-stores are centralized mediums of exchange authorized for the distribution, discovery, acquiring, and financial transactions on the platform. Aptoide, first social Android App Store was founded in 2011 as a summer project has now grown to have around 200 million users.
  3. In October 2017, Aptoide announced the introduction of its blockchain-based open protocol for the App economy. They named the digital coin, AppCoins and designed it to cover three main inefficiencies of the app economy at the time:
    1. Lack of transparency or trust, 
    2. Advertising inefficiency and
    3. Costly and inaccessible in-app purchases.
  4. AppCoin, whose ticker symbol is APPC is a cryptocurrency which will allow transactions to be made within the app stores by manufactures developers, and the users. This would also increase the volume and turnover of the mobile advertising market.
  5. AppCoins will be focusing on delivery of advertising technologies to the main app store processes:
  6. Advertising inside the app store: Developers can use blockchain-powered advertising to attract users to install their app or game. Various actions call for various advertising protocols like CPI (Cost per Installation), CPA (Cost per Action), CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) and others. Ad networks, Exchanges and RTB (Real Time Bidding) are some of the different technologies and platforms that can be used in this pursuit.
  7. In-App Purchase (IAP): In-app billing allows users to unlock premium features inside the app or game by making transactions. Payments and transactions can be optimized using the blockchain technology.
  8. App approval: Developers have to follow a stringent approval process in which the submitted app is check for any kind of malware. Several checks like static and dynamic code analysis platforms are done before the app is made available on a store. Using the AppCoins platform, one can standardize the tests and software-storage protocols.


#2: What are the benefits of AppCoins?

The AppCoins technology

  1. The AppCoins project was designed to foster innovation in technology. To create a universal digital advertising protocol for mobile devices, the developers at Aptoide designed AppCoins. AppCoins is an application-specific token which was designed to create a universal digital advertising protocol for mobile devices. It can be used to incentivize behavior which can then be used to raise money for the development of an app.
  2. Aptoide is the 3rd biggest app store with a with over 4 billion downloads and 1 million Apps. WIth over 230,000,000 users, apps and support in 40 languages, more than 2.8 billion downloads, the cryptocoin can revolutionize how people use mobile technology and applications. AppCoins will bring in a range of standard protocols to be followed by all developers to advertise their games or apps in the app store.
  3. By integrating the blockchain with mobile app store technology, they aim to improve app advertising, in-app billing and app-approval processes. These processes can also be sped up through disintermediation and redistributing the unlocked value to end-users and developers.
  4. The “AppCoin” ERC20 token will bridge the gap between the advertisers and the users. A user earns 85% from every advertising investment that goes inside the app store. The user has to then use those coins to buy items (in-app purchases) inside the apps and games, thus, generating the return of the investment to the developers.
  5. The Proof-of-Attention (POA) concept will ask the developers to pay AppCoins to the user for his attention. This will help them prevent double attribution, fake identity and repudiation. Additionally the technology will reform the in-app billing processes and will standardize the payment options to AppCoins instead of fiat currency. App approvals will now analyze and rank developers as ‘critical’, ‘unknown’, or ‘trusted’ to create a better user experience for the app users.
  6. Since the Aptoide platform intends to disrupt and revolutionize the app store market, it provides a good reason for both users and developers to wait and invest in this domain.


#3: How to Buy & store AppCoins?

Where can one buy AppCoins?

  1. AppCoins(APPC), like most new digital currencies can be easily purchased from various exchanges that support APPC trade and exchange with other coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  2. Several Ethereum powered exchanges like Coinbase, Cex.io and Coinmama support transactions on AppCoins.
  3. CoinSwitch, the largest cryptocurrency conversion platform, allows a user to find the best suited platform to exchange AppCoins for other cryptocurrencies.

Where does one store AppCoins?

The cryptocoin is supported by a wide range of efficient and reliable wallets like Coinbase, Blockchain, MyEtherWallet along with several other wallets like the open-source Ethereum wallet, Ethereum Mist DApp, MetaMask, Eidoo, Enjin Wallet, Parity and InWe wallet among several others.


#4: What is the future of AppCoins?

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Market Cap

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June 2018







May 2018







April 2018







Historical trend of AppCoins

  1. In July 2018, around 100,054,312 APPC have been circulating out of a total of ~256 million AppCoins. While AppCoins has seen a drop in the price from an average of ~$0.60 in May to an average of an average price of ~$0.19 in July, it has seen a rather stable trend line in the last 2 months.
  2. As of July 2018, the average price of 1 unit of AppCoins stands at US $0.18776

Future trends

  1. Most industry enthusiasts believe that the immediate forecast of AppCoins price trends leans towards the downward slope. It is expected to be priced at an average price of ~$0.191 for a long while, with a few minor fluctuations.
  2. The trend is however, expected to stabilize at this point until Aptoide as a platform gains traction within the mobile usage industry.
  3. Once the ROI of the Aptoide platform starts multiplying significantly due to an increase in the number of users and developers on the network, the price will increase significantly and will correspond to good returns for investors.


#5: How is AppCoins different from other cryptos?

  1. The uniqueness of AppCoins lies in its design and conceptual intent. Developers can use it to create a transparent and efficient way to monetize their products and build a reputation across various app stores.

  2. This would not only provide the users with a trusted environment for new purchasing possibilities and incentives to discover apps but will also create an app economy with standardized protocols that ensure trust, transparency, and openness among the members.


#6: Should you invest in AppCoins?

  1. AppCoins is an innovative concept with a tidy site that conveys the underlying ideas well. As described above, investment in APPC is a favorable option for both developers and users. However, it is evident that the returns of the AppCoins’ solution are directly proportional to the development of the relationship of the App-store and the OEMs in the ecosystem. Thus, the amount of profit or returns gained by a trader will be a function of the ROI which the platform develops and its reputation in the crypto space.
  2. With almost 50% of the APPC coins in circulation as of July 2018, users have a good opportunity to buy them. However, it should be noted that it does not form a good investment option for a short period of time.
  3. Several sites have done a good investment research analysis [3] on AppCoins. The general consensus is that AppCoins would need to gain traction in adoption in the market before investors can gain sensible returns on their investments. Hence, it can safely be classified as an investment of this type a truly long-term investment.
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