The AdEx Network with Vanina Ivanova

Anisa Batabyal
| 27 August, 2020 | 2 min

Our team at CoinSwitch reached out to Ms Vanina Ivanova, CMO at AdEx Network to see how they support advertisers with the help of a decentralized advertising protocol that promises to provide complete user privacy and transparency.

They are one of the most secure and transparent display advertising platforms out there. Let's see what she has to share.

1. What bought you and your team at AdEx network together, what problem are you guys trying to solve and why?

Before we started work on our advertising platform AdEx Network, our core team was working on a different project - the media center Stremio. 

Stremio was quickly gaining traction, and we were looking into ways to monetize the significant traffic it was generating on a daily basis. We wanted to monetize this traffic by showing ads so we began testing ad serving networks that were available on the market. 

We tried a number of different ad networks but none of them was working for us, and many of them were sending fake reports about our revenue. At the same time, the ads we integrated were degrading user experience - they were too intrusive. 

Eventually, we gave up, removed all third-party ads and decided to create our own advertising solution. 

2. Would you like to share how ad fraud endangers end users and how AdEx is saving users from it?

Ad fraud is costing advertisers, publishers and end users all over the world billions of dollars every year. For advertisers, this is money spent on reaching non-existent potential clients; for publishers - unrealized profits, and for end users - internet data costs. 

At AdEx, we employ various mechanisms for fraud protection. We introduce complete transparency to the ad buying process, and this eliminates all possibilities for doctored reporting, paying for bot traffic, etc.

In addition, we have technical measures as well - blacklisting, throttling, cryptographic identities, publisher verification, etc.

Last but not least, we connect publishers and advertisers directly, thus removing the economic incentive for middlemen to perpetuate fraud and profit from it. 

3. What are the different features and incentives within the AdEx network for publishers and advertisers?

One of the biggest benefits that we bring to the table is transparency. With us, the advertising supply chain is simple, straightforward and verifiable at any time. 

We also help advertisers make the most of their budgets by saving them fees and commissions - on AdEx, they only pay network fees that are miniscule in comparison to fees on traditional networks. This equates to more earnings for publishers: an AdEx publisher earns 95% of the revenue they actually generate, which is dramatically more than the 60-70% they would be getting with AdSense for example. 

Last but not least, we use contextual targeting that collects no data about end users. This makes us compliant with data privacy regulation and removes the headaches of implementing such measures and policies; our advertisers and publishers can focus on what’s really important: their business. 

4. How does your roadmap looks like for this and next year and what major upgrades are upcoming which users can look forward to?

We have just released a major update to our targeting features, these will go live for our users any day now, and we have many more improvements coming to the platform. We will continue working on improving the platform UX, we have planned introducing new ad formats and bigging models, as well as various functionalities requested by our users. 

Our business development is actively recruiting new customers so that we are able to offer a larger inventory and better fill rates for our ad slots. 

Challenging a multi-billion dollar industry is not an easy task but we’re like to believe that the change we bring to ad tech and the digital advertising landscape in general is significant. 

5. With so much happening around the world with Pandemic, Economic slowdown, and many other reasons. Do you think Crypto adoption is increasing and we are moving towards a bigger bull run?

The Covid-19 spread and its aftermath highlighted many areas that were already failing as it is - the global financial system, for starters, the need of business to digitalize and restructure in a global economy, etc.

Many of us in the crypto community were already aware how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies could improve life but the new reality we live in drove many people to search for alternatives and discover crypto. 

Of course, there isn’t sufficient data about increased adoption yet to make an informed prediction but we can already see a larger chunk of people and businesses being more comfortable with cryptocurrencies, DeFi and blockchain tech in general. 

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